Gluon ProPack 9
ProPack (Mac)  -  Price: $219.00 
ProPack (Windows)  -  Price: $219.00 


Please check the system requirements before you decide to order a product.

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GLUON’s newest ProPack 9 features leading XTensions bundled into a single package!

Easy-to-install XTensions software adds totally new features and functionality to QuarkXPress. XTensions modules automate functions and eliminate repetitive steps with palettes, commands, tools, and menus that can help you save time and money.

ProPack 9 contains 14 Mac XTensions or 9 Windows Xtentions.

Control column spans of selected text.
You can span multiple columns, break one column into sub-columns or convert multi-column boxes into multiple linked boxes.

Create text box effects from echoes and reflections to tiled and cloud effects.
All text remains live so if you update one box, all boxes are updated automatically.

A document cropping tool which allows you to create professional layout mechanicals with crop and fold marks, dimension arrows, guides and more!

Flip sets of objects
that have been prepared for a left-facing page so that they work on a right-facing page, without losing the integrity of the design. Flipster is useful for facing pages workflows or those that need to prepare Middle Eastern versions of documents from English versions. (Mac only)

Toggle live copy from readable text to unreadable
Greeking in printouts while maintaining all paragraph formatting. Fantastic for ad designers who want to keep the client’s mind on the design and not the copy.

Get colors from placed pictures
and create instant harmonized color palettes or copy box attributes between boxes. Much needed eyedropper tool added to Quark’s tool palette.

Zoom, navigate and create uncluttered previews
of pages or spreads all from easy-to-use palette. (Mac only)

ProGrids & Guides
Set up advanced design grids
and manipulate guides in useful ways. For example, you can double-click a guide to edit its position or locking. You can also control: Bleed Guides, Mirroring, Shifting, and Copy/Paste features for guides.

The world’s best scaler!
Scales items, groups, pages, documents, text, pictures and even drop shadows. Scale nonproportionally without distorting text and graphics.

Advanced, easy-to-use Quality Control while you work on documents. QC checks for common punctuation errors, covered items, and much more in an intuitive interface. (Mac only)

Generate accurate, comprehensive reports on all aspects of a document including picture reports with thumbnails, fonts, style sheets and more. (Mac only)

Switch all/any color to process or spot
and find color usage instances

Manage and create layers based on box types
, allowing you to move all text boxes to one layer and picture boxes to another as well as use other “layer tricks.” (Mac only)

Greatly expands your formatting choices for creating tables, styling them and fitting them to particular specs.

Please note that although the user interface is available for this XTension only in English, the XTension itself works in all languages ​​supported by QuarkXPress